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race of a thousand camels

al shahaniya, qatar; spring 2013

camels were driven by robotic jockeys controlled by handlers in chase cars in the inner ring. spectators were permitted to drive in the outer ring.

05 October 2018


spring, 2013

photogram; found plant; al-rayyan, qatar

digital negative; al-rayyan, qatar

digital negative; messaied, qatar

digital negative; dolly sods, wv (source image from 2011)

digital negative; pittsburgh, pa

23 January 2015

Backlog #1

A collection of trees.

Boston, MA; 2008

Pittsburgh, PA; 2011

St. Johns River, Florida; 2013

Dolly Sods, WV; 2011

19 November 2014

Backlog #0

I have a lot of old photographs that I forget about. I'm going to post them under the #backlog tag.

Somerville, MA; 2008

South Dansville, NY; 2012

Al-Rayyan, Qatar; 2013

18 November 2014

phonepics #2

Summer, 2013

Part of my ongoing personal therapy of curing myself of snobbery over gratuitous phonecam filtering. I'll be posting a handful at a time, under #mobe.

pictures are pictures

19 August 2014

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