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conflict kitchen

9 november 2014

conflict kitchen was an art project in pittsburgh that operated as a food kiosk serving themed cuisine from countries the united states had been in conflict with. i worked there as kitchen staff in 2014, when threats against the project during the palestine version forced a closure of several days.

these are some of the notes left on the kiosk from the public during the closure.

03 October 2018


i collect skies.

08 May 2015

'chuan da

summer, 2014

'if gods were real, they would exist there'

part of ongoing work exploring places i don't belong but cannot escape.

07 April 2015

Patreon #2

This roll and a half of film was supported by friends on Patreon. I was prompted with the phrase 'animals'.

Kodak TMAX-100 film, shot on a Fed-2

10 January 2015

Patreon #1

This is my first roll of film supported by friends on Patreon. I'm excited for this opportunity to try producing patron-funded work!

Ilford Delta film, shot in a Lomography Sprocket Rocket.

01 December 2014

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