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winter break dump 2

01 February 2017

winter break dump

rough cuts from this past winter break

27 January 2017


some quick phonecam inversion previews of some film i shot between december 2016 and january 2017

26 January 2017

Backlog #0

I have a lot of old photographs that I forget about. I'm going to post them under the #backlog tag.

Somerville, MA; 2008

South Dansville, NY; 2012

Al-Rayyan, Qatar; 2013

18 November 2014

phonepics #2

Summer, 2013

Part of my ongoing personal therapy of curing myself of snobbery over gratuitous phonecam filtering. I'll be posting a handful at a time, under #mobe.

pictures are pictures

19 August 2014

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