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i was given a bonsai tree around the end of october 2018, and i'm trying to keep it alive.

28 November 2018


indulging in my ability to push pixels around on a phone.

the instagram aesthetic is growing on me, slowly; it's reminiscent of the unpredictable, fuzzy images that crawl out of the surface of my alternative process work.

i just moved to a new house and i'm learning about how to look at things again.

06 October 2015

capitol limited

14 January 2015


29 September 2014

phonepics #3

Winter/Spring, 2014

Part of my ongoing personal therapy of curing myself of snobbery over gratuitous phonecam filtering. I'll be posting a handful at a time, under #mobe.

cameras are useless if you don't use them

24 September 2014

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