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frigid ferdinand

ferdinand and i took second place in the mtb division for frigid bitch 2019. it was our first race together.

26 February 2019

lens test

i bought myself a nikon 28mm f1.8g lens as an early birthday present and these are pictures from it.

20 January 2019


i was given a bonsai tree around the end of october 2018, and i'm trying to keep it alive.

28 November 2018

the self as sculpture

and then it seems that all i do is a performance of some aspect i wish were true, or thought was there.

pittsburgh, pa; 2008

pittsburgh, pa; 2008

pittsburgh, pa; 2008

pittsburgh, pa; 2009

pittsburgh, pa; 2010

03 October 2018

conflict kitchen

9 november 2014

conflict kitchen was an art project in pittsburgh that operated as a food kiosk serving themed cuisine from countries the united states had been in conflict with. i worked there as kitchen staff in 2014, when threats against the project during the palestine version forced a closure of several days.

these are some of the notes left on the kiosk from the public during the closure.

03 October 2018

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