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indulging in my ability to push pixels around on a phone.

the instagram aesthetic is growing on me, slowly; it's reminiscent of the unpredictable, fuzzy images that crawl out of the surface of my alternative process work.

i just moved to a new house and i'm learning about how to look at things again.

06 October 2015

patreon #3

from a roll labeled 'found left in camera'; funded in part by patreon.

ilford hp5, shot with an olympus stylus 35mm

09 May 2015


i collect skies.

08 May 2015


spring, 2013

photogram; found plant; al-rayyan, qatar

digital negative; al-rayyan, qatar

digital negative; messaied, qatar

digital negative; dolly sods, wv (source image from 2011)

digital negative; pittsburgh, pa

23 January 2015

Patreon #2

This roll and a half of film was supported by friends on Patreon. I was prompted with the phrase 'animals'.

Kodak TMAX-100 film, shot on a Fed-2

10 January 2015

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