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Alien Worlds

Sights from places that I've lived, but can't always bear to call home.

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Pittsburgh, Fall 2011; Al-Rayyan, Qatar, Spring 2013; Pittsburgh, Fall 2013

01 April 2014


Spring, 2013

Digital source image; color separation gum bichromate print.


A digital color photograph was separated into four color channels (CMYK), each printed as a digital negative with registration marks and color codes. Gum was layered and overcoated to allow for registration marks to show through. Each print used a different order for color layers, as well as different color intensities and exposure times. Gum bichromate was tinted with liquid watercolors and exposed with late morning sunlight.

28 March 2014


Spring 2013

Digital source image; cyanotype on muslin.

28 March 2014

The Ethan Dress

Summer, 2013

A collaboration with Lea. 35mm source image, scanned and digitally stitched, printed as digital negative, exposed with cyanotype on dyed muslin fabric. Lea constructed the dress.

Photographs by Tegan McDuffie

Source image (Ethan Pond, summer 2012):

28 March 2014

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