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Backlog #2

Light leaks and foggy vision.

Leshan, China; 2011

Pittsburgh, PA; 2012

White Mountain National Forest, NH; 2012

20 November 2014

Backlog #0

I have a lot of old photographs that I forget about. I'm going to post them under the #backlog tag.

Somerville, MA; 2008

South Dansville, NY; 2012

Al-Rayyan, Qatar; 2013

18 November 2014

mud month

spring 2012

older work; expired slide film that i shot in an afternoon of desperation.

10 September 2014

Contact Sheets

People I'll never see again; places I can't get away from.

14 May 2014

The Ethan Dress

Summer, 2013

A collaboration with Lea. 35mm source image, scanned and digitally stitched, printed as digital negative, exposed with cyanotype on dyed muslin fabric. Lea constructed the dress.

Photographs by Tegan McDuffie

Source image (Ethan Pond, summer 2012):

28 March 2014

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